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                           There is a need for an intelligent mechanical ventilation system that can prevent alveolar damage and infections during COPD/ARDS due to Uniform pressure for both lungs, so that ventilation to each lung can be isolated and independently controlled

Irreversible Lung Damage

Lung injury can be an adverse consequence of mechanical ventilation and can result in pulmonary edema, barotrauma, and worsening hypoxemia that can prolong mechanical ventilation, lead to multi-system organ dysfunction, and increase mortality. 

Cross Infection

Mechanical ventilators are susceptible to a multitude of potentially fatal conditions such as alveolar damage in the non-diseased lung, transfer of infection like pneumonia from the infected lung to non-infected one, reduction in breathing capacities as the alveoli lose their elasticity, and higher chances of barotrauma, hypoxia, hypercapnia.

Higher DALYs

Patients under mechanical ventilators are susceptible to a variety of potentially fatal conditions such as alveolar damage, hypoxia, hypercapnia and barotrauma. Such critical events increase the Risk and Disability-adjusted life years of patients post treatment

 AI-enabled Smart Ventilation System


                   Aerobiosys Innovations, health care start-up, is on a mission to solve the unmet health care needs of patients with respiratory illness by building innovative products that enable them to access quality healthcare at an affordable cost.  Aerobiosys is incubated at IIT Hyderabad at the Center for Healthcare Entrepreneurship. The startup is building solutions to address problems in conventional ventilator for patients in critical and acute care as well as emergency individuals needing preferential ventilation for respective lungs. There is a significant chance of patient in a ventilator to develop alveolar damage and oxygen toxicity due to conventional modes of the ventilator. As a part of our fellowship, we have spent more than 400 hours to understand this problem by interacting with patients, stakeholders in hospitals and healthcare professionals across the country.

                                  To solve this problem we have come up with an idea to develop a Smart, Hybrid Duo-vent for patients in the Critical Care unit with Acute and Chronic Respiratory illness






 People suffer from COPD every year
Deaths per day due to Respiratory illness
COPD deaths occur in low­ and middle­income countries.
Largest cause of death
( Respiratory illnesses )in India.

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