Jeevan Lite

A single ventilator to  treat every patient, everywhere


  • Modes

    • SIMV , CMV , Adaptive and Hybrid modes of ventilation

  • Turbine driven FLow

    • Independence from gas cylinders or compressors

  • Nebulizer

    • Integrated nebulizer with Auto cut off precise timer

  • 21-100% Fio2

    • Integrated high flow oxygen therapy

Power of a turbine-driven ventilation system with sophisticated ventilation modes

Jeevan Lite features all the essential modes you would expect from an advanced ventilation system in one adaptable platform. It also presents a wide range of tools to help you stabilize your patient and wean them off the ventilator.

Simple User Design

Thanks to the intuitive UI design of the Jeevan Lite, each function is in logical order so that clinicians do not need to navigate a complex menu. In addition, both the valves and flow sensor support autoclaving. This safety concept is designed to meet the current clinical trends of protecting patients even under the most demanding conditions.

Jeevan Lite

Now clinicians have an option to  change the way they treat their patients,


With Jeevan Lite even a rural PHC can be converted to an advanced ICU setup.